Pets, Pets, Pets

petsDoes your 4-H family have a pet? Have you ever thought about exhibiting your furry, scaly, or hair friend in the pet show at the county fair? The pet project is a great area for 4-H’ers who live in town or for those families who aren’t ready to dive into the livestock area! Continue reading to find out more about how to get your family pet entered into the pet show at the county fair! Continue reading


Spring Preview Cattle Show/Pancake Breakfast

cow flipping pancakesMooooooove on over to the fairgrounds on April 20 for a day filled with cows and pancakes! The Washington County fairgrounds will be filled with action on April 20. The morning will begin with a wonderful pancake breakfast from 7:00-10:30 a.m. An open cattle show will follow with check in from 8:00-9:30 a.m. and the show beginning at 11:00 a.m. Continue reading to see how you and your 4-H family can get involved even if cows or pancakes aren’t your thing! Continue reading

Dodgeball Tournament

dodgeball-2Every year the Washington County Council hosts a county wide dodgeball tournament. This year the event will be held Sunday, March 10 at 1:00 PM. The tournament is held that the Washington High School gym. All 4-H’ers are invited to participate! Many clubs form teams, however individual 4-H’ers can sign up and be placed onto a team the day of the event.

The dodgeball tournament is a great way for 4-H’ers to meet others throughout the county and bond with those they already know. Teams can be members within your club or can be a mix of 4-H’ers from many different clubs. There is an $8 fee per team or $1.50 per individual.

As always 4-H’ers are encouraged to wear a 4-H t-shirt and may even want to coordinate their team’s outfit by wearing a certain shirt or a certain color. The dodgeball tournament is always a fun and exciting event. Parents are welcome to stay and join in the fun as well!



In the world of 4-H there are many acronyms used. One very important one is “FSQA”. Any 4-H’er who plans on (or even thinks they might be interested in) exhibiting livestock must be FSQA certified. Continue reading to find our more about the Food Safety & Quality Assurance certification and what your 4-H’er needs to do to be certified.
Continue reading

Skating Party

Skating Party3115_SkateGp

Skating PartyThe holiday rush is over and the new year is upon us! We are grateful for all of our 4-H families and are going to celebrate with the annual Skating Party on Sunday, January 27! All 4-H’ers and their families are invited to test their skills at roller skating! The skating party is held at the Wellman Skating Rink. The event will begin with a younger kids (K-3rd grade) skate from 1:00-1:30. From 1:30-3:30 all ages will rotate skating. The cost is $4 to skate. The county council is hosting this event and will be available to assist younger skaters as they “wheel” around the skating floor! Continue reading

4-H Mall

SweatshirtChristmas OrnamentDo you have a person on your list that is “hard to buy for”? If that person happens to be a 4-H’er the 4-H mall is a great place to look for items! The items pictured are only a few of the great affordable gifts the 4-H mall has to offer.

The 4-H mall has items ranging from ipad covers, flash-drives, and sweatshirts to snuggies, cookie cutters, belt buckles and much more!

The Extension Office does have a limited selection of 4-H mall items available for sale as well. Which are great for that last minute stocking stuff. The 4-H mall is not only great for Christmas, but birthdays as well. Also keep in mind that the mall offers gifts great for people who are supporters or volunteers for 4-H as well. Here is the link again